Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open Ruixó® as an umbrella upside down.
  2. Lowering the buffer tube.
  3. Fit the pin with closure.
  4. Take a rubber band and put it in the middle of the tube.
  5. With fingers put rubber band in each leg support.
  6. Placing a swivel in the tube.
  7. Fit chain and rope and ready to anchor!

¡VERY IMPORTANT! For fixed safe anchorage, Ruixó® can never take the place of a traditional anchor and chain system.

Determine the current conditions, assess the number of rubber anchor bands required and fit the auto-recovery bands on the Ruixó®.

Fasten the chain to the swivel , tie the line with extra length for each depth and cast it into the water. When it reaches the bottom it grips the first solid projection, however small, thereby anchoring the vessel.

The tires will work depending on the sea conditions. If more or less power is required, rubbers will simply be added or removed until the desired one is achieved.

Raising anchor only requires tying the line to any solid part of the vessel and moving either forwards or backwards.

  • Our models are designed for times when intense active surveillance can be exercised, since a change in sea conditions could loosen the RUIXO from its grip. It must be borne in mind that if this happened, the grapnel would immediately look for another projection where to grab again.
  • Do not drag the Ruixó along surface rocks as collision with these may cause deformation of the arms.
  • Always carry spare rubber anchor bands on board, both to replace damaged ones and to enhance gripping power. If they are not available, provisionally any elastic rubber, such as those for a bicycle or motorcycle tube, could be used while waiting for spare parts.

Gripping power can be enhanced by adding more rubber anchor bands to suit the requirements of the activity.

It is made up of a main body of stainless steel tube with five powerful steel arms held by hinges. The arms have an anchor to house up to five recovery rubbers and some plates welded at the end to improve grip on seaweed bottoms. A central slide fixed by a stainless steel screw will give the five arms a 45º opening, ideal for their function. The entire grapnel is made of AISI 316 stainless steel.