Who we are?

Professional and sports fishing and nautical enthusiasts, aware of a very common problem in these activities such as anchoring the boat and then being able to recover the anchor without problems, studied and tested different types of anchors and anchors in all kinds of conditions. reasons to achieve a super-efficient, totally innovative and revolutionary system. It is the RUIXO grapple with self-healing arms.

In view of its success and its magnificent performance, an international patent was obtained that covers the novel system of self-healing arms.

From that moment on, company RUIXO OCEAN BLUE, S.L. was created, located in the town of RUBI (Spain), dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of RUIXO grains, with incidence all over the world.

Our Office


Rambleta Joan Miró, 5, Edif. Albatros, local 2 08191 Rubi (SPAIN)

Phone: (+34) 689 237 283 - (+34) 934 098 761

Email: info@ruixo.eu

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